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Sorry for being late. I watched a great movie yesterday. You look good without your glasses on. Alas, I was inattentive. A Mr. Brown came to see you when you were out. I like freedom. I had a call from James out of the blue.

The bus is full. I still can't believe Molly and I are getting married.

They should teach this in schools. I don't think I can walk any faster. Act your age. The policeman caught the fleeing thief by the arm. In order to avoid confusion, the bottom is labelled too. I'm tired of him! All participants must be registered. I do not want to cut my wrists. When's Will going to get here?

Come on, tell us the whole story! "I can't help it", she said, "I'm already in love with him". A school is a very easy place to make people more aware of recycling because the pupils take that message home. You're being too modest. The accident almost cost him his life. I have to go to hospital. I'd like to help them prove it. Let's make love.

I'm not usually still awake this late at night. You're callous. If everyone's got a mobile phone, important people need at least two. The residents protested outside the sex shop that opened in their neighborhood recently. "Who is in the car?" "Marija." I don't do things like that. Look under the skin of a civilized man and you will find a barbarian. We took a cab.

It's a form of rebellion. It was solid red. It was in this room that we had the meeting last Friday. Edgar is very modest. I like hanging out here. We wanted Jeanne.

He replied that he did not know. If you ask him, he will help you. Did you pay for everything? I'm not going to do that! I won't make you go back to Boston. He always forgets his money. The house is in need of repair. The sun is going down behind the hill.

Nicolo lost so much weight that one of his friends walked straight past him in the street, without recognising him.

Do you really think I wanted this? Have you put on sunscreen? I just wanted to see if you knew it. Muriel is twenty years old. What do you think Mario keeps in there?

When the letter arrived, I opened it. Even if you boss attacks you and tells you to go away, you should make your point. Vincenzo remained silent all day. The only one who enjoys a crowded subway car is a pickpocket. Terry apologized for calling so late at night. Tran beat the rug with his an old racket. Did you sleep yesterday afternoon?

The next day John was there again with two of his disciples. Why don't you ask Nhan to help you wash the car? Press the button and see what happens. We were chatting over tea. They left this. You're on your own. Her sudden arrival prevented him from going out.

This is above reason. This tower commands a full view of the city. Van appeared on the TV show 'Teen Mom'. Choose books carefully.

Do you think you'll need that? Is Lewis there?